Dr. Saul Goldman, Professor Emeritus

Department of Chemistry, University of Guelph

University Website



BSc., Honours Chemistry, McGill University, 1964

PhD. Chemistry, McGill University, 1969

Research Funding

I continue to attract competitive, peer-reviewed funding, uninterrupted since the start of my academic career (from 1972 to present)



Certified N.A.U.I. Basic, 1977

Certified N.A.U.I. Sport, 1978

Certified P.A.D.I. Enriched Air Diver, 2008

Approximately 1000 logged dives



Here you will find links to articles written about me and my diving work in other publications.

Don’t Let Diving Get You Bent Out of Shape – by Andrew Vowles, published in @Guelph, August 9, 2012

Predicting DCS – A New Model – by Jeremy Heywood, published in DIVER v.37(6)